Dig into the stories behind the music

If you’re like us and you love knowing more about the people who make the music you love, you are going to want to visit these podcasts. Take a deep dive into the crazy world of some of the biggest icons in music.

David Bowie and the Occult

Learn about David Bowie’s interest in the occult and why it made him fear Jimmy page. Also, learn how to make a hit album while living off a diet consisting of only hot peppers and milk.

David Bowie & The Occult at the Last Podcast on the Left

Did Jerry Lee Lewis Murder his wife?  Just how many members of The Rolling Stones slept with the First Lady of Canada? How did the Beachboys and Charlie Manson get together? Why does Taylor Swift never leave the house without surgical gauze? Learn about the dark side of the music industry on Disgraceland.

The Disgraceland Podcast
Blood On the Tracks

Possibly the best (and strangest) podcast on some of rocks music’s biggest legends that you are going to find. Blood on the Tracks uses a unique format to tell the story of some of the largest rock legends in history by the voices of people that knew them. Features multiple episodes on Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Phill Specter. This is a good one!

Blood On The Tracks Podcast
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