Come visit us in Second Life

Enter the immersive virtual world of Second Life and stop by and visit. Black Cat Radio has two radio station locations ins Second Life that are always open to the public. Enter into a time when pirate radio stations were still a thing. While you are there, feel free to explore and you can even grab a free radio to help you broadcast our stream in-world.

Port Friendship Station

Located at Port Friendship near the Blake Sea. A nearby airstrip makes this station reachable by both air and sea. Visit the station and explore the nearby waterfront, beach, and jungle area, including an ancient Ganesh temple. There is a nearby motel and we understand the nearby beach may be clothing optional. This explains why most of the staff likes to stay outside on the top deck…with binoculars.

Visit Port Friendship Station

Visit our in-world stations and
grab a free radio to stream us on your land.

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Mother Road Station

Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway! Visit our station out in the desert at The Mother Road. Despite our best efforts, this station seems to always be in some form of disrepair and frankly, the staff has their own way of doing things.  There is plenty of open road for cruising, and many “colorful” neighbors to meet.

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